10 Simple Tips to Keep the House Clean

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Tidying up the house is a tricky thing … Well, there are some very simple attitudes we can take before the house turns that generalized mess we already know. Avoiding a few things, taking certain initiatives can help when putting everything in order.

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In order not to turn to housekeep into an endless task, you must acquire small habits. They will make all the difference to your home. Here are 10 tips from a specialist to make the house clean and tidy without wasting too much time:

1 – Arrange the bed as soon as you wake up: this way you push away that desire to go back to bed and leave the room ready in a few minutes.

2 – Open the windows well and leave them open for at least one hour. This helps to recycle the air and air the rooms.

3 – Organize the cleaning material by sectors: separate in different baskets each thing. Products to clean bathroom, kitchen material, cleaning of room and rooms, etc. This way you will not have to go back and forth several times to look for the product you need.

4 – Always collect the trash from the toilets.

5 – Put a brush on the toilet and sanitize the seat well. You can use disinfectant products or a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

6 – If you subscribe to a newspaper, throw away the copies of the previous day. Even if you have not read it. If you let it go, you will not read it, will you? In addition, you can access online edits if you need to. Detach and nothing to accumulate.

7 – Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink! Girls, avoid accumulating stacks of plates and cups. Get help from your husband, boyfriend. Try to take what to use on time. Clean kitchen and tidy bed make the weather so much better.

8 – Use laundry baskets in bathrooms. Strive to always put the clothes there. No leaving clothes scattered on the bedroom floor!

9 – Change sheets, pillowcases and towels once a week. Clean sheets and scented towels also help make the house beautiful and tidy.

10 – Used, cleaned, stored. Mind and decorate this mantra. By following this tip, you will greatly lessen the mess. Remember, every thing has its place, but they will not reach it alone!

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