8 Essential Tips for Decorating Small Garden

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Have a beautiful garden is usually one of the dreams of a lot of people who care for decoration or just for those who like to take care of plants and have a space to relax. The problem is not always the space. In these days when the homes and living spaces are getting smaller, having a green home or on company eventually becomes a challenge each day more complicated to handle. But it’s not to be discouraged, have a small garden is not a mission impossible, and we’ll show you that in this post.

8 Essential Tips for Decorating Small Garden

More you home or apartment, with or without a yard, it is perfectly possible to have a small garden. Proof of this is that there are various possibilities to mount your. Come with me.


Possibilities for a small garden

Small gardens can be mounted in any location of the House or of the company, in the form of common gardens, as we know, winter gardens or vertical gardens. The last two are great for those who really have little space because in practice can be mounted in any location as long as there is possibility of lighting for plants.

Winter gardens, a theme that we’ve covered here on the blog in the post 5 decorating tips for winter garden, can be used to delimit integrated environments, can be made under stairs, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Already verticals can be placed anywhere no matter how small. Are two options that can be widely used even in companies.


Ideas for decorating a small garden

Tips for decorating a small garden? So here we have important advice to help in this endeavor:


1 – Ideas for decorating small garden: plan

OK, the first step for installation and your little garden decor is planning. That’s because you need to keep in mind the space available and the possibilities for lighting. Are these steps that will determine the type of garden possible and also what kinds of plants that are best suited to the site.

Regarding the site, your garden should have access to some brightness since even the plants located in the inner court and without direct exposure to the Sun they need light to ensure your survival. So they should at least be close to Windows or doors with good lighting. Another thing that makes the maintenance more practice is to have a drain point around (drain) and a tap.

With that decided you can think of other aspects, such as the size of the area itself. It is essential to think about the size of the plants chosen. If it is a movement, for example, need to prioritize the space for people, then the species must not disrupt the way. If it is an area with exposure to wind, they should offer some resistance in your stem and so on. With this information in hand you can think of other items.


2 – Choose plants for your small garden

The choice of plants is the second major step. It may not seem vital in the decoration of the room, but it has everything to do with it since the final appearance will depend directly of that choice. In this case it is necessary to see what is most appropriate according to offer of local brightness and also to use it will have. Another important point to be considered is the frequency with which you can take care of this little garden, since it will require minimum watering and some maintenance.

Some criteria for choice: adaptation to available light, growth, maintenance, durability and basic features of the plant itself.

Half-shade plants tend to be more interesting for those who want to do a winter garden and are already known of old who likes to decorate because they are quite used to interior decoration: ferns, raffia, elephant, Anthurium, Spear of St. George, columélia, Peace Lily and others.

Small vertical gardens you have to consider the type of media used and the exposure of plants to light. Supports with blocks and ceramic vases not so deep rooted plants need more superficial (cash-in-hand, lambari-purple, peperômia etc). Already the precast concrete blocks allow the use of snake’s beard and asparagus-pending. The living paintings has as an indication the use of ounce of gold, bromeliads, orchids, Begonia, Horn-of-deer and others.


3 – Use furniture

Okay, maybe you don’t have much space, but even in small gardens it is often possible to invest in simple furniture such as chairs, tables or benches.

Demolition wood, for example is a great material for furniture placed in Garden since they are able to fit perfectly to the climate of a conservatory or vertical located in a terrace, balcony or terrace. But you can use other furniture if you want to and be able to take care of your maintenance if it is offsite.

Depending on the available space and the location of garden Valley even put pillows. It’s a very cozy corner and can be a great place to relax from the stresses of everyday life.


4 – Stones, a great idea for a small garden

The use of pebbles, stones and gravels are most used resources, either for the decoration of the common gardens or cemented, being used as dry lining.

Pebbles and stones are usually used in the formation of landscaped paths and decorative borders, which yields a look amazing. The gravel is more rustic, and associated with, the result is a soothing appearance. Goes very well in commercial environments, if the idea is a winter garden.


5 – Invest in decorative vases

Decorate the garden with pots is something that is customary. In the case of small gardens or cemented, indoors or outdoors, they are practically indispensable.

In this case anything goes. Whether for small or larger plants, you can use them in various ways. As we’re talking super versatile objects, you can mix sizes, styles, colors and textures, forming a whole interesting and fun to watch.

Want a good tip in deciding the style of spider veins? So the best advice is to do what we think when it comes to decorating: keep in mind the desired style for the garden and choose something that is in harmony. The same is true in time to mix sizes and colors: as long as there is an element that keeps the trend, this mix will always be valid, and hardly will go wrong.


6 – Invest in decks

It is not today that the decks are successful in the decoration, and the garden is no exception. It seems simple, but the effect is something very interesting, especially for those who want a garden with a rustic atmosphere.

You can find him ready and available in specialty stores and just mount it to the desired shape, serving both to the common gardens as verticals. As well as pebbles, gravels and coating for cemented gardens, decks also go very well in commercial environments.


7 – Work in lighting

The lighting can also make a big difference in the decoration of small garden. The winter gardens then are the most valued by the outbreaks of light bring the feeling of warmth and intimacy. Good lighting of gardens and green spaces are also fundamental in spaces such as shopping and public places of night operation. For parties in the garden lighting also makes a difference then is a valid concern.


Some good suggestions to not make ugly in this regard is investment in aluminum available spots on the floor, and they can have your focus directed to the walls of the small garden or plants. The andarelas are also very interesting features, as well as the use of decorative lanterns. The effect is amazing!


8 – Use recycled material

For those who like something more focused to the craft or likes to reuse items that could end up going to waste, using recycled items for decoration of small garden is a real find.

We’re speaking of pet bottles, shoes, cups, teapots and mugs, as well as tires, which are just a few of the items you can win new utility on the possibilities offered by a garden.

Okay, we know that the result may not be the appearance that is considered chic or sophisticated for most, but if you like, no matter what others think. The effect is quite interesting. Is a valid resource especially for household gardens.


Bonus tip: take care of maintenance

This tip is one of the most important: it ain’t no use to rely on 1001 decorating resources if the small garden is not careful. Watering, pruning and composting are basic and care that make all the difference for a good end result, so don’t neglect these tasks.

Have a small garden at home may not be an impossible mission, but no matter what your size, requires minimal time and whim to keep everything in order. Therefore, plan early and make your like to keep everything in order.

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