Designing a Formal Dining Room

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Designing a Formal Dining Room – If you are one for the classic and traditional look when it comes to your house, you must find the idea of a formal dining room appealing. Though, a lot of people seem to think that the formal dining room is a bit outdated. But when you are thinking about giving your house an opulent appearance, nothing beats the formal interior design of the dining room.

Designing a Formal Dining Room

Designing a Formal Dining Room

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful large house; the formal dining room would redefine your status making the most of the space. Also for someone who likes to host dinner parties or gatherings of that sort, the formal dining room will be perfect for the purpose. Find out how you can give your dining room the formal look without having it look outdated or stuffy.

For the walls of the dining room you can think about painting them in rich jewel tones. The jewel tones work wonders in giving any room a formal and rich appearance. But if you feel the jewel tones are making the room look too dark, you can think about installing a chair rail. The idea is to paint the chair rail and the area underneath it white and keeping the upper area in the jewel tone. This creates a beautiful contrast making the room look classy and elegant.

When talking about designing dining room, you cannot leave out furniture. The traditional dining room would include a large dining table, dining chairs that go with the design and style of the dining table. You must make sure that the dining chairs and table goes with the interiors of the room. The traditional rectangular wooden table is quite appropriate for the purpose.

The flooring also has to be thought out. The formal dining room traditionally features wood flooring. You can also accessorise the room with an oriental rug. If you live in the southern parts, you can replace wood flooring with tile or stone.

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