How to Clean The Washing Machine

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How to Clean The Washing Machine – It is foolish to think that just because the washing machine leaves the clothes clean and perfumed, it also does not need hygiene both inside and outside. The washing machine needs to be cleaned every two months to remove the laundry detergent, fabric softener, or even lint from clothes or fabrics that are stuck inside the appliance.

How to Clean the Washing Machine

Doing this does not take long. Simply include this domestic activity in your cleaning to never forget that the appliance also needs care. Check out some tips now and learn how to clean the washing machine without complication.


Mold and mildew

To remove mildew, mold and peel off accumulated dirt from inside the machine, simply make a homemade blend of no more than two cups of distilled white vinegar dissolved in the water inside the machine.

Then program the washing cycle, turn the appliance on and wait until the whole process is completed. If your machine has a hot water system, use the function and clean it more efficiently.


Removing Rust

If your machine is showing signs of rust, it is a sign that the cylinder is damaged. It is necessary to call a technician, but you can remove the dirt of rust and prevent the clothes from spoiling. The recommended is to add a cup of lemon or lime juice inside the machine. If you have the option of hot water, better. Let the blend effect inside the attached machine until the entire wash cycle is completed.


Removable parts and difficult parts

If the machine has removable parts, remove and wash one at a time with soap and water as there may be product residue on them.

Make a general cleaning on the outside of the washer using only the soft side of a sponge and a mixture of water with vinegar. Clean the inner and outer cover, sides, knobs, and any other container of the machine that is not removable.

The tip to clean difficult and minor corners is to have the help of a toothbrush, swabs and toothpicks. For machines that remain in open laundries, it is always a good idea to protect the device with specific plastic covers to prevent dirt from accumulating quickly and to prevent the appliance from catching too much sunlight or rain.

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