How to Keep Skunks Away from your House & Garden

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How to Keep Skunks Away from your House – Despite their bad reputation, skunks are actually beneficial creatures that feed on a variety of agricultural pests. For the average homeowner, however, skunks are pests that dig into lawns, enter garbage cans and cause unpleasant odors. Because of these disadvantages, and the fact that skunks sometimes carry rabies and other diseases that can be passed on to humans or pets, it is wise to make your home inhospitable to skunks.

How to Keep Skunks Away


How to Keep Skunks Away from your House


  1. Place tight lids on trash cans, and keep other possible food sources in closed containers or in fenced areas, as skunks generally do not mount fences, according to Utah State Cooperative Extension University. Remove outdoor pet foods before dark, when skunks become more active.
  2. Block openings that could provide shelter for skunks, recommends the University’s Integrated Pest Management Program in California. Use a cloth of material to seal openings under homes, porches and other potential hiding places. For best results, bury the 6-inch cable to keep skunks determined to dig under the barrier.
  3. Treat insect infestations in your garden to minimize food sources for skunks.
  4. Rid the yard of rodents, recommends the Oregon State University Extension Service. Mops will eat mice and rats, and an infestation can attract skunks to your home.
  5. Remove junk in your yard that could provide shelter for skunks. Moffett can take up residence in a pile of wood, junk car or any area that offers protection.


Tips and Warnings

If you need to close an area a skunk has already inhabited, wait for the skunk to leave before blocking the area off. To make sure the skunk is gone, spread the flour in front of the hole and check the area frequently after dark. If you see tracks that show the skunk left the area, close the opening.

Skunks are known to transmit rabies and other diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Health skunks are sometimes seen early in the morning or late in the day, but they are mostly nocturnal. Mops seen during the day are more likely to have rabies. Never approach or handle a skunk. Contact your local animal control service if you need help removing a skunk from an area.


How to Keep Skunks Away from Your Garden


  1. Collect all the pet food. If you leave normal food and water for your pets during the day, take everything inside the night.
  2. Secure all garbage. Make a skunk cannot get into the trash.
  3. Make sure your front and back porch is completely closed. Look for openings in doorways – these are favorite places for skunks.
  4. Collect all the fruits from under the fruit trees. Skunks frequent your garden if they know that there is always fruit available.
  5. Get rid of your piles of wood or any other space can find a skunk to appeal to hide. Skunks like to hide in places that have small openings.


Tips & Warnings

You can also trap skunks. These are not very attractive you would have to worry about the skunk spray you. If you choose this option, check your local laws to make sure it is legal in your area.
If you know that skunks roam around your garden at night, do not let your dogs and other animals to go outside or have contact with them. Skunk spray in the face or a dog’s mouth can be very dangerous.

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